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Custom DNA & RNA oligonucleotides

ALS Oligonucleotides offers custom DNA and RNA (coming soon) oligonucleotides which are produced in ISO 8 classified cleanrooms using state of the art synthesizers and downstream processing methods. All oligonucleotides are verified by ESI mass spectrometry prior to shipping ensuring the quality of each and every synthesis. Additionally, we offer a wide range of modifications and different synthesis scales ranging from 0.05 µmol to 1 µmol for oligos up to 100 bases.

Synthesis Scale0.05µmol 0.2µmol 1µmol
Length (bases)12-906-1006-100
Minimum yields20 nmol50 nmol200 nmol

Product Details

Oligonucletides are short, single-stranded synthetic DNA sequences that are used in a variety of molecular biology applications such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR), DNA sequencing and molecular cloning. Our oligos are provided deprotected with standard desalting purification to remove small molecule impurities and quantified by OD measurement. Where a high degree of purity is needed, we offer purification via High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Reverse Phase-HPLC) which tipically achieves a purity of around 80 %. Quality is controlled by in-line trityl monitors to measure high coupling efficiencies and ESI-MS analysis which is provided free of charge for every oligo.

For further information regarding the available modifications and post synthesis services