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ALS Life Sciences and Invitek Molecular are highly dedicated to the development of innovative biotechnological solutions. Their aim to maintain and consolidate this strategic vision resulted in a joint venture. Both companies, have a relevant history of investment in R&D and a continuous commitment to provide high quality services and products, operating in compliance with ISO13485 quality standards, in order to meet the strict requirements for clinical and molecular diagnostic applications (CE-IVD).

The combined wide range of services and products includes custom oligonucleotide production, upstream sample collection devices and nucleic acid purification kits for manual and automated DNA/RNA extraction, and downstream “ready to use” Molecular Biology kits and in vitro medical diagnostic devices (IVD) with CE mark.

ALS Oligonucleotides and Invitek Molecular strategy is primarily focused on growing the Biotechnological Solutions portfolio, which will allow the expansion into new areas of this market.

Invitek Molecular has a geographic footprint in Europe, particularly in the key markets of Germany and France. Adding Invitek Molecular to ALS’s existing wide global network will allow Food, Environmental and Clinical Diagnosis services and products to be offered into new geographies.

ALS/Invitek are the partners of excellence for the development of on-demand R&D solutions while providing you with the end-to-end Molecular Biology solutions for virtually any sample material, from human to food and feed and, environmental matrices, in one of the cutting-edge research areas at the moment.

ALS Oligonucleotides and Invitek Molecular will improve the efficiency of organizations and anticipate the development of technical solutions that respond to future needs.